Welcome to the website of The Doolins! Providing a crafty blend of fiddle, guitar and vocals, The Doolins are Jennie Bice and Nick Farrer.

Based in the Greater Vancouver area but originally from London (Ontario) and London (UK) this duo bring styles from their homelands together to create a foot tapping, upbeat classic rock feel with a Celtic twist.

Supplying a mixture of the best songs ever written, delivered with all of the character of the original then adding their own unique style, The Doolins' performances include all of the songs you'll want to hear, probably better than the first time you heard it!

With over 10 years professional experience Nick has played his way around festivals, weddings, bars and restaurants in England, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Canada. His unique style gives the duo rhythm and a beat that will get you tapping your feet and even doing a jig or two! 

Jennie started playing at the ripe age of 4 and hasn’t stopped playing since! From frenzied boot-stomping celtic craic, country & eastern, roots and rhythm styles, to rock, world fusion, jazz and blues, Bice shines on every stage she meets.  She’s an absolute must-see!

Check out The Doolins' videos, song list and photos then contact them directly to arrange your booking.